Team avatar - Shuaps team - photo_2021-01-21_08-23-37-2-1024x1024 - Rise Protocol
Technical Lead, Project Management & Strategy

Shuaps team - united-states - Rise Protocol

Shuaps is the project lead and lead developer for Rise Protocol. He has been intimately involved with crypto since 2014, providing strategy and design for several other DeFi projects. Outside of the cryptoverse, he manages multi-million dollar IT projects and a vast team of developers/analysts for a Fortune 400 company.

Team avatar - PBL00 team - photo_2021-01-21_08-24-01 - Rise Protocol
Branding, Strategy & Development

PBL00 team - germany - Rise Protocol

PBL00 is currently in a leading role at a European tech company and previously worked in venture capital markets and investment banking. Using his past experience in understanding and managing businesses, he took a pivotal role in launching the Rise brand, as well as laying out the project’s strategy and overall design. His work is instrumental in achieving the vision of an autonomous, price reactive ecosystem.

Team avatar - Jamie team - photo_2021-01-21_08-23-36-2-1-1024x1024 - Rise Protocol
Development, Auditing & Strategy

Jamie team - united-kingdom - Rise Protocol

Jamie is an experienced developer and smart contract auditor, having over 10 years of experience in the top Investment banks in the world and founding and running multiple businesses. He has played a key role in ensuring the new contract is fool-proof, developing future features for Rise Protocol and in the strategy of the project.

Team avatar - Andy team - photo_2021-01-21_08-23-37-3-1024x1024 - Rise Protocol
Website, Social Media & Community Manager

Andy team - united-kingdom - Rise Protocol

Andy is a certified Cyber Security Professional for a Fortune 200 company. For Rise he helps manage the social media platforms, keeping the website up to date and serves as our primary liaison between the community and the team, ensuring an effective and productive stream of conversation.

Team avatar - Radinho team - photo_2021-01-21_08-23-37-1024x1024 - Rise Protocol
Website, Social Media & Community Manager

Radinho team - netherlands - Rise Protocol

Radinho helps manage all our communications channels and social media platforms, and was instrumental in the Rise Protocol website development. His work ensures that any new investor in Rise Protocol will have all the necessary tools and information at hand.

Team avatar - CJ team - photo_2021-01-21_08-23-36-1024x1024 - Rise Protocol

CJ team - united-states - Rise Protocol

CJ has over 18 years experience and expertise in digital marketing, programming and sales psychology. He likes to focus on what motivates people to take action – the “why” behind the buy. He has extensive ad writing experience and will use his efforts in how to increase marketing performance for Rise Protocol.

Team avatar - Cryptkeep3r team - photo_2021-01-21_08-23-36-1-1024x1024 - Rise Protocol
Website, Social Media & Community Manager

CryptKeep3r team - united-states - Rise Protocol

CryptKeep3r is an extremely well respected and active member of the crypto community. He is endlessly brainstorming on ways to add to projects, using his vast experience to great effect. In Rise Protocol he helps manage the social media platforms and website.

Team avatar - Radinho team - photo_2021-01-21_08-23-37-1024x1024 - Rise Protocol
Website, Social Media & Community Manager

Ryan china team - china - Rise Protocol

Ryan is a long-term crypto investor and community builder. He is a passionate and energetic contributor. In Rise Protocol he helps manage the Chinese market communication channels and social media platforms ensuring an effective exposure in-line with project strategy.